Ciders, Meads, and Sake

My foray into the world of meads, ciders, and sake.

Special Cider Project #1
A tart hard cider more like wine than any of my other projects. Aroma of fresh apples and cinnamon. Taste of a tart slice of pie with a nice drying Gewurtztrameiner. No longer available
Special Cider Project #2
Another apple wine like creation. I again missed my mark in timing the end point of fermentation. Another tasty example with sharp apple and spice notes. A bitterness from a small hop addition adds a pleasant earthiness to this creation.  No longer available
Special Cider Project #3 - Empire State of Mind
A sweet hard cider with the aroma of Empire and Granny Smith Apples. Hints of clove and cinnamon. If a woodchuck could chuck, he might like one of these after a long day.  Limited availability in the CCB Tasting Room
Super Fruit Mead #1 - Pomegranate Melomel
Aged for 4 years, this mead has a tart pomegranate flavor with a sweet finish. This was my first mead in the famous super fruit mead series.  Limited availability in the CCB Tasting Room
Super Fruit Mead #2 - Raspberry Melomel
Probably the most fruit forward mead I have produced to date. This mead contains nearly 30lbs of raspberry that were added at various points during fermentation. Sparkling wine like character with a beautiful red raspberry finish. Limited availability in the CCB Tasting Room
Super Fruit Mead #3 - Ring of Fire Chili Mead
Spicy hot chili mead using 14 different pepper varieties. A balance of roasted, smoked, and super hot peppers. The spiciness builds as you continue to drink it. The sweetness helps temper the heat. Excellent for the chili head or with a nice bowl of Texas Red. Available in the CCB Tasting Room
Super Fruit Mead #4 - Goji Melomel
Never produced. Still working out details for the recipe. This would be the fourth entry in the super fruit mead series.  Never been brewed
Not yet availableChanpion No Toshi Junmai Nigorizake
Champion City Brewing's first attempt at Sake. This nigorizake is made using home grown koji and has been slowly fermented for 4 weeks. Filtered, and then blended back with some of the residue rice solids to give it a perfect balance of fruit esters and residual sweetness. Some might say the aroma is like the warm breath across a dew covered rose petal. Others liken its complex flavor to that of a Chuck Norris umami bomb. Either way it can be enjoyed alone or as an accompaniment to food.
 10 bottles remaining on this limited edition
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