Here’s to Beers

I figured I should document the year of amazing beers that I plan on enjoying. The list will be to chronicle the journey through my substantial beer collection and my 2014 desire to see it enjoyed vs stored for another year.

1. Champion City Brewing East IPA – Excellent condition for a nearly 1-year-old IPA. Good hop notes. 1/4/14

2. Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barleywine 2007 – Caramel, Toffee, Soy Sauce with negligible carbonation. Not in the best condition. Disappointed that I didn’t consume sooner. 1/4/14

3. Bell’s Expedition Stout 2009 – I think this might be one of my favorite of the “approachable” Imperial Stouts. It pours thick and black like burnt motor oil. Chocolate, Coffee, Maltiness and a creamy finish. Delicious. 1/4/14.

4. Dogfish Head World Wide Stout 2006 – I am not a huge fan of the imbalanced and sometimes challenging to drink beers from DFH but this one is different. I think the age has really helped develop some more character. The alcohol has come down considerably. The maltiness is balanced by the slightly sherry / port flavors and aromas. Pretty darn tasty. 1/5/14


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