grandslamipa2.jpgGrand Slam IPA
The first beer brewed under the CCB logo. Designed to be the first in a long line of extreme beers. This is almost DIPA in hoppiness. Batch was brewed in the Muriel Road location with assistant brewer, Stephen Jay. 80 IBU and 7.5%ABV. Currently Not Available
plungelabel2.jpgThe Plunge
Brewed as a gift to our wedding guests (August 20th 2005). Sarah and I decided to brew an American Hefeweissen. The name was a play on the popular reference to taking the plunge as well as fitting because the ceremony was overlooking the Horseshoe falls in Niagara. A mild light refreshing wheat beer perfect for a hot summer day. Presented in 22oz bottles. Currently Not Available.
Inspired by a roast beef on rye sandwich that I was eating one day. I decided to use a less popular grain like rye to gave this Pale Ale a balanced bitterness from beginning to end. Perfect with a sandwich or just sitting around watching a game on TV. My favorite of all of the CCB brews. This was also the first draught product offered. Currently Not Available but keep an eye out for this in the future.
badassbarleywine.jpgBad Ass Barleywine
The strongest beer that we have made to date. This 12%ABV monster is brewed to be an "Imperial Barleywine". Sweet chocolate, and dark fruits with a creamy head. Aged for 12 months in the bottle, this is the perfect beer to share with friends after a long day on the slopes or just sitting by the fire and relaxing. Also perfect for drinking while lurking in the shadows of a monument/statue or for feeding to squirrels from bottle caps. 2nd Place in the 2009 NERHBC for Imperial Stout. Try one and you will be a "Bad Ass" too. Vintage Bottles being cellared for 2012 release.
braggot_rights_3.jpgBraggot Rights
This award winning beer was brewed to commemorate the Patriots 16-0 regular season and the Red Sox 2007 World Series Championship, we have created our first interpretation of the Braggot style. This braggot is 60% honey (Tupelo and Blueberry from Pennsylvania) and 40% Munich Malt to give it a strong malt presence but still the subtle sweetness one expects in a mead.
2nd Place Winner in the New England Homebrew Competition.
schaubby_label_sampleNot to Schaubby Honey Brown Ale #1
Inspired by local hop grower and marathoner, Frank Schaub. This beer is a traditional English Brown ale with a honey forward complexity likened to being punched by a honey comb. Using Willamette hops from Bedford, NH and local honey from Hudson, this balanced beer with a hard to explain finish pairs well with hamburgers and 4th of July excitement.
Currently Not Available
slamdunk_webSlam Dunkel Weisse
Through an impromptu internet poll, I decided to brew a seasonal and very tasty summer wheat beer for the fans of Champion City Brewing. This german dark wheat beer is brewed in the traditional sense with a pronounced clove and banana aroma and a crisp yeasty taste. This beer was released on August 1st to much acclaim. 3rd Place finish in the 2009 NERHBC for German Rye/Wheat Beer. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableHop-Bursted IPA
This American style IPA was brewed using 100% late hop additions. The goal was to overwhelm the palate with hop flavor and aroma and yet still have just the right amount of bitterness. The amount of hops used in this beer would be the equivalent of 5lbs per barrel. Using a combination of Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe, and dry hopped with Sorachi Ace. This beer was designed to be a complete misuse of hops. Its refreshing with a sticky mouthcoating hop flavor. Currently Not Available
Label Not AvailableOtto's Oktoberfestivus

When the opportunity to get free hops comes along, no homebrewer can easily say "No". When the opportunity involved picking them yourself in the hop garden at your work, you definitely don't say "No". When one of the Brewmasters at work says that you should brew an Oktoberfest since you are picking them in September, you should say "No". Oktoberfest is not meant to be brewed in October as it is traditional brewed in March and aged all Summer for Fall Celebrations. No matter that, this beer (when it finishes) will be worth the wait. Brewed with Domestic Willamette hops and lagered in the Jamaica Lane Cellars for 4+ months, this beer is sure to please even the most delicate of palates. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableThe Devil Returns

This beer was inspired by the original Devils Hop Yard Recipe courtesy of my friends at AB. Mash hopped and dry hopped. Recipe was brewed to primary fermentation specs (100 IBU and 9% ABV) for a complete flavor explosion. Heavy Pacific NW Hops in a surprisingly drinkable high alcohol disguise. Bottles still available in the Jamaica Lane gift shop. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableCtTB BWeiss

What a difference several months makes. This beer has developed a pleasing tart and refreshing (almost citrus) finish. Originally thought be ruined by some overly aggressively photons, the skunk has subsided and true german aroma has returned. Enjoy it while you can because its going fast. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableRight Field Roof Box Lager
Label Not AvailableGrist Gone Wild
Soured Maple Oatmeal Stout brewed with maple sap from Parkers Maple Barn and finished with 2 gallons of dark maple syrup. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableGluten Free Porter Part Deux

A second attempt that turned out similar to the first batch. Although not overly metallic, this porter has a vanillin bourbon character with a sweet finish from the sorghum. The use of a rare sorghum based colorant from work to build the proper color. Limited Quantities still available
Label Not AvailableMaster Thomas' East India Porter
Traveling the high seas on a journey to India, this highly hopped slightly stronger version of traditional british porter. Brewed for the soldiers and common folk, it is the perfect balance of hops and malt. Limited Quantities still available
label_webSummer Sunned Haze (Belgian-style Wit)
Senior Assistant Brewmaster, Stephen Jay, formulated this brew to balance tradition and be forward thinking. Using unmated wheat, oats, and orange peels with a strong US varietal hop presence, it is the perfect complement to a Departmental boondoggle or BBQ with friends. Currently Not Available
label_webGingerbread Porter
Inspired by the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, Champion City Brewing's Gingerbread Porter is a delicately spiced holiday porter brewed with ginger, nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon. A medium-bodied ale with flavors of molasses and dark malt, Gingerbread Porter is an excellent match for many hearty winter dishes. Limited quantities still available (12 oz).


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