Champion City Brewing started in late 2004 after the Red Sox season that culminated in their first championship in 86 years. Much like the Red Sox, my brewing career has mirrored many of their failures and successes. My first real brewing experience was, at the age of 12, making beer with my dad in his “Mr. Beer” that he received for Christmas. In fact like I tell everyone, “Mr. Beer” is what got me into homebrewing. If it wasn’t for the horrible swill that comes out of them, I would have never moved on to bigger and better things. My brewing career on temporary hiatus but my love for beer never waned. From my childhood, I remember being fascinated by the spanish olives in my parents beer. While on the infamous family cross country adventure, I remember touring the Coors Plant in Golden,CO and sitting in the “Killians” pub drinking soda while watching everyone sample their beer. In the mid 90’s, while the craft/micro beer market was blossoming, I was in college trying every micro beer I could find and I even created a comprehensive web listing of those brewers (of which maybe 5-6 still exist). I got some free swag and overall just liked beer and all things beer. I graduated Northeastern University in 1999 with a BS in ChemE where my career quickly took me to Anheuser Busch in Merrimack, NH. Eleven years and counting, working for the largest brewer in the World. And I have come full circle, this time homebrewing on my own equipment making exciting and interesting beers to challenge the opinions of what beer can be. Champion City Brewing is the culmination of all of this. My goal is to make the best and most interesting beers in the world, to push the limits, to explore the past, to learn and live. My challenge is to show you how I am going to make it happen. Exciting times at Champion City Brewing.


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