Life happens….

Wow. Its been a while with any sort of update. I guess all I can say is life happens and sometimes I find it hard to sit and collect my thoughts and put finger to keyboard. Its been a busy first half of 2014. My Heres to Beer challenge has fallen in favor of exercise and getting healthy. It makes it hard to be motivated to drink 1000’s of calories of beer when you know how hard it is to burn them off. Of course, my exercise routines have had their speed bumps as well.

Work is good. Recently, I interviewed for my dream job but didn’t get it this time around. I will have to keep working hard and positioning myself for the next opportunity. My project load is ramping up just as I hoped it would when I moved to Fairfield. I still miss the friendships that I built over all of those years in Merrimack but the move has been great. Who can complain about Northern California weather? Sunny and 80-90 every day with no humidity and a nice breeze.

My kids are growing up so fast. Tom starts kindergarten in about a month. He is a trip. I wish I had as much energy as he has and I wish I could help focus him a little more because when focused he does amazing things. Evie turned 2 just a few weeks ago and has such a great attitude (always smiling and giggling) even when her brother is taking her toys.

Things are good but I just an not motivated to make beer. I need your help. I am literally in my garage writing this while staring at my homebrew equipment and for once, I have no idea what I would like to make, try, experiment with. Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Life happens….

  1. Jon, I’m a porter lover and have recently started a gluten free diet for some health reasons. So selfishly I’d like to see you perfect your gluten free porter. There are very few good gluten free beers out there and coming up with a good one would be good. I too live in NorCal, Danville. One of my favorite Porter’s is Board Meeting by Port Brewing Co. And my favorite brewery is the Firestone Walker one in Paso Robles. If you haven’t been it’s a good place to visit. They have some limited release monthly specials that are unique. My fav is Parabola which is a stout aged for 12 months in bourbon barrells usually in the month of March. Anyhow get that equipment fired up!!

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