Back on the horse…

After hanging out with my family the past 10 days, I realized that I need to get back into brewing. I still love beer and I am very passionate but I think I am in a rut. The new job is tough. I am still learning and that uneasiness is unsettling and makes it hard for me to think outside for inspiration.  I need to brew more. I need to brew more. I need to brew more.

Ok, now I have said it. How do I do it? I have 1000 reasons that I can’t but are they just excuses. Kids, work, wife, obligations, t-ball, lack of recipes, beer without labels, diet without drinking, etc. Only reason to brew is that I love it. The creative outlet is a way for me to challenge myself and get beyond an evening of candy crush or Food / Cooking Network shows.

I removed my first excuse on Tuesday after dropping Steve at the airport. I went to a homebrew supply store in Berkeley, CA. The store name is actually called “Oak Barrel Winecraft” but they seemed to have as much beer and wine ingredients. I bought LME (Pale) and DME (Pilsner), Palisades, Columbus, and Summit hops and a smack pack of my go-to yeast, Wyeast 1056. After reviewing my other ingredients in the inventory, I have decided to make a RyePA (since the classic recipe is long last to a failed hard drive). My focus will be on making it drinkable, bitter, clean and free from defects (unlike the last attempt).

Now I need to find some time to make it happen…. Any thoughts on how to make it happen?

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