CCB East – “Opening Day I.P.A.” Challenge

Anxious to get out to an early lead in the Champion City Brewing “Opening Day I.P.A. Challenge”, CCB East stepped to the plate today with a recipe inspired by some classic East Coast IPAs.


Top of the order – partial mash, consisted of 2.5# of 2-row American pale malt, 10oz. of caramel 40L and 6.0# of light DME.  Hops, of course.  And White Labs WLP001.  Plus a bit of gypsum added to harden up the water.


Frozen rope!  Hard line drive to right.  Yeah, sure we had a blizzard yesterday, but hearty New Englanders just shovel out and get busy brewing (and drinking) beer.


Well-struck, in the gap… This beautiful brew kettle with built-in sight glass was a generous Christmas gift from our friends at CCB West.  (Thanks, Jon!)  Here, we held the milled grain at 153°F for 45min.  Plenty of time to watch and relax with a beer.


He gives it a ride… After raising the temp to 170°F to mash out, we sparged, added the dry malt extract (DME) and got to the business of boiling and adding hops.


Ground ball, one-hopper up the middle… Well, four-hopper, actually: we started with Horizon (for bittering), then Simcoe (for flavor), and then Centennial (for aroma).  We’ll add some Australian Topaz in a few weeks for dry-hop.  60 IBU.


And, the runner advances… After a quick cool of the wort (using the immersion chiller) and a gentle whirlpool, we ran the wort off into the carboy.


Then we aerated the wort for about a half hour.


We hit our original gravity target (with authority!).  OG 1.064 (16° Plato).  Actually got slightly higher efficiency than I’d anticipated.


And the payoff pitch… yeast in, now we wait.

So…what about you, CCB West?  Don’t get caught looking!  🙂



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