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TEWKSBURY, MA (Feb. 3, 2013):

The groundhog has spoken; early spring is on its way. And what time could be better for Champion City Brewing to announce its latest project – the East Coast vs. West Coast “Opening Day I.P.A.” challenge.

Call it a friendly competition, one that will be best argued over a bottle or pint. C.C.B’s brewmasters, at their geographically dispersed breweries, will compete to create a “tribute” beer. Their assignment pays homage to Champion City Brewing’s “Grand Slam I.P.A.”, the first beer brewed under the C.C.B. name back in 2005.


“Its official, the Porter and Stout era of Champion City Brewing is on hiatus,” said Jonathan Jay, Founder, Director of West Coast Operations, and Brewmaster for C.C.B. West, “Our move to the West coast lends itself perfectly to re-inventing and re-imagining the beer that started it all. It is that connection to the breweries roots and of course, the style lends itself to some friendly East vs. West competition. You never know but the West Coast version might even use some of the inventive techniques implemented during the first Grand Slam brew, like the use of Hop Teas, brewkettle overboils, and snow cooling.”

Champion City Brewing has breweries in Vacaville, CA. and Tewksbury, MA, having recently completed a brewery expansion and establishing a presence on the West coast in 2013.

Consumer feedback will help C.C.B. narrow the two beers to a single limited-edition offering available to coincide with Major League Baseball’s Opening Day in April 2013. “The Opening Day aspect of the project is really intriguing to me,” said Stephen Jay, Director of East Coast Operations, and Brewmaster for C.C.B. East, “Baseball’s roots run deep for C.C.B. And Opening Day inspires me to craft a beer that has all the hallmarks the Champion City Brewing brand is respected for, but which is still approachable enough to enjoy a few at a ballgame and still remember who the starting pitchers were.”

Champion City Brewing’s commitment to quality and spirit of innovation are at the foundation of the company’s history and continue to be a defining characteristic. Look for more updates as the “Opening Day I.P.A.” project unfolds this spring.

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