Night of Funk – Recap

Steve and I enjoyed again our yearly pilgrimage to Boston to sample some of the weirdest and funkiest beers in the world. The Beer Advocate “Night of Funk” which proceeds the larger Belgiam Beerfest every fall in Boston has become a tradition for the CCB management team. This years additional was excellent. Beyond the silly and whimsical ideas that this festival inspires, it is a great opportunity to explore the funkier side of the brewing industry. We sampled a numerous sour, barnyardy, fruity, tart, paint thinner, and just plain weird (and disgusting). For me, the best beers of the night were a pair of Berliner Weiss from Night Shift Brewing, Somer Weiss and Ever Weiss. I am not sure if I have ever met the guys from Night Shift but I am sure to seek them out in the future (they are in Everett, MA). A few other intriguing offerings were from the bastions of funk and Belgian inspired brewing aka Lost Abbey and Allagash. Cosmic Mother Funk continues to confuse me as this years version finally had some sour notes that made this beer fall flat in previous years. I am guessing that sour beers is really not were Jim Koch and Boston Beer want to move their brands so its a nice experiment but not a priority (please let me know if I am incorrect).

The surprising disappointments of the evening were Pearls of Wisdom from Cambridge and Lolita from Goose Island. I can not explain what Pearls of Wisdom is beyond a pale lager with Nelson Sauvin hops with a Brett infection aged in a bourbon barrel. The taste is of none of these things. I love Will Meyers and his team at Cambridge for the inventive beers that they produce but this one is not a winner in my mind. My little “Pearl of Wisdom” would be to avoid it. Om from CBC on the other hand was interesting and worth a second sample. Lolita suffered from what appeared to be off the chart ethyl acetate (nail polish, solventy) and it lacked that bright fruity crispness that I remember fondly from my trip to Chicago last year.

Of course, the Waffle Cabin was again there and I was able to get one of their heavenly creations. A wonderful pairing of crisp, warm and slightly crunchy waffle with some Belgian inspired funky beer creations. Overall, it was another great night and I look forward to doing it again next year.



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