I completed my OSHA required 40 hour HAZWOPER training this week. Managing the Utilities Department at the brewery requires you to be certified on many things (PSM, HAZWOPER, Confined Space, etc) that wouldn’t normally required. This was probably one of the few 40 hour training classes where I was actually tired everyday as well as that I learned a lot. We suited up in Level A, B, C, and D for various scenarios. We did confined space monitoring and entry. We even rescued a dummy from a confined space. I need to post some pictures when I get them off of the CD that the instructor provided us. I feel that I am ready although I know if I ever needed to use these suits at work, its probably a pretty bad day. For just about every response at work, we need a Level A suit. If you don’t know what a Level A HAZMAT suit looks like, you have probably seen them in movies. They look like this.






Its not the most comfortable feeling to be completely enclosed in a suit with a sealed zipper so that nothing can get it. While in the suit, you are on SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus). In about 15-20 minutes, you have you suit fogging up since your breath is exhausting into the sealed suit and you have sweat at least 5 lbs. I don’t believe it will be the next diet craze but it is definitely a workout.

Its been a long week and I am glad its over but it was definitely fun.

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