Continuing down the path

Its been a while since I updated. My time be focused mostly around my family, my work, and my weight loss goals. Everything is going well with all of them. My son, Thomas, definitely has his good and bad days but I can’t expect more than that for a 3 year old who seems to think he has the freedom of a 18 year old. I have reduced my work stress considerably but just my approach to it. After reading several self help books, I realized that if I take a more positive approach to problems and concerns that I actually get less stressed by them and the sometimes unfavorable outcome. Its not worth losing sleep over things. I didn’t get the Assistant Brewmaster job in Merrimack that I had applied for but part of me is relieved. I have a great position in Utilities and I will continue to mold that department to be successful long after I move on. We are on that path and I see the glimmers of the hope on the horizon.

The weight loss is going really well. Even after trips to Michigan and California, I have been able to continue my 4lb per week pace. Since April 16th when I kicked off this job reformation project, I have lost 40lbs. I am sure most people at work haven’t really noticed but I know my wife and family have. I am quickly approaching the date of my first real goal, my birthday. I am not sure I will be able to maintain this pace with the new baby being days to weeks away but I should be close to my first goal weight very close to my birthday. My next goals will be right around the corner. All told I am planning on losing 158lbs in the next year+. 40 down, 118 to go. I definitely already feel the difference. Its exciting and so worth the effort

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