Getting my S%$t together

I came to a realization after Opening Day that I need to get my mind and body in a healthier state. With a new child on the way and a high energy 3 year old looking to play more sports with Daddy, I need to get my self in shape. After some advice from my brother and some personal guilt trip, I did it. On April 16th, I started my personal transformation. I have lots of goals (some long term and some short term) that I plan to meet in the next 2 years. My goal is to be below 300lbs by my birthday in 2013. Since I started the diet, I have lost approx 16lbs. I feel better, I sleep better, and I have more energy. I have a long way to go but plan to update my blog periodically. For those who read this, please post positive thoughts and success stories. Also, healthful recipes and exercise routines.

16 down. 142 to go.

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One thought on “Getting my S%$t together

  1. Congratulations. Keep it up. You have friends and family that want to support you in any ways we can and who think it’s great to see you so quickly seeing the benefits.

    More energy, a more efficient body, and a better feeling you. I hope that this brings you more joy in your life and success in your endeavors, and I hope that these things continue to fuel your motivation.

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