Sour Beers

I think its time to take my sour beer projects to the next level. Senior Assistant Brewmaster, Stephen Jay, is always raving about Russian River, New Belgian, and Belgo sours. Berliner Weisse was my first foray and it has finally matured and is drinking wonderfully. Tasted by a few Master Brewers last month (Mitch, Otto, Jaime, Doug, etc), I got a thumbs up on this odd ball style. I think a more traditional yet complex Flanders Red. CCB is ready to take on the biggest and best in the world. Ingredients are being ordered today. Look for this to be brewed in the next few weeks.

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One thought on “Sour Beers

  1. Well, lest we forget the “Grist Gone Wild” Maple Oatmeal Stout, this will actually be CCB’s third foray, no? Either way, I’m excited to hear more.

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