Organizing and Cleaning the brewery

While Tom and Sarah were out at book club, I was able to finally finish insulating the garage / brewery today. After I finished I decided to finish the brewery re-org that I started last weekend. After discovering some really moldy brittle cardboard cases of homebrew that I had been storing, I have upgraded to brand new boxes. The moldy cardboard crates was caused from a raspberry mead bottle bomb that must have gone off months ago. No major harm but definitely a mess to be cleaned up. The new boxes I am using are from CW Crate ( They are made fromĀ corrugated plastic (polypropylene) and are lightweight, durable, and more importantly water proof.

After cleaning up and putting all my homebrew into the boxes, I have a pretty good inventory on what beers I have floating around. Berliner Weisse, Gluten Free Porter, East India Porter, Maple Porter, Cider, Pomegranate Melomel, Raspberry Melomel, A few bottles of Oktoberfest, Double IPA, and Slam Dunkel Weisse. I also have a case of my new Sake. I need to dig around in the basement to see if I can find any Bad Ass B’Wine or Braggot Rights version I.

Overall, things look pretty good. I need to use up some of my older liquid malt extracts in prep for some all grain on the Top Tier. I am wondering if I used all Dark Malt Extract with a small additional of Attenuzyme-Flex whether I could make a low carb dark beer. Hmmmm…. Not sure its worth finding out. Sounds like an interesting concept though. I know we were able to hit 87 RDF on sorghum syrup in a nano trial at work so its definitely possible. Not sure what it would taste like though.

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