Pretty Blue Bottles

I ordered a case of cobalt blue bottles and some fancy silver corks for my sake today.

375 ml Cobalt Blue Bottle

This project is really turning out to be fun although extremely nerve racking. I am excited to taste the final product. I opened my fermenter up today and it smells like delicious sake. It had some whisps of foam on top and the rice blob is dissolving into a liquid. I am still trying to figure out if I should filter it and how to best home pasteurize it. I will take a couple fermentation photos tomorrow for the update. Any one have any suggestions on a name?

PS A few have asked what style of sake I am making. I have to admit its hard to say. It is very much junmai-ginjo but since I do not have access to ultra polished rice, it doesn’t technically qualify for much. My plan is to filter and pasteurize as well. Maybe a real home brewing sake expert can assist.

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