Is it just me…

I was wondering for any of my brewing friends who read this. Am I the only one who thinks of crazy and new ingredients for making beer? Last weekend, Sarah and I were able to spend a night away from home as Tom spent the evening with his Grammy Allen. As we were window shopping and thinking about my dinner the night before which included potatoes from Lewiston ME, it got me thinking. How do you make potato vodka? Could you use local potatoes to make beer? How much malt would be needed to convert the starch? Do potatoes convert themselves at high temp (sweet potatoes)? Could you supplement with Maine maple syrup and blueberries? What would it taste like?

I look for ways to make local, unique beers everywhere I go. Most would be total train wrecks but I am always thinking about making weird stuff. Could I make a bloody mary beer with tomato and horseradish powder? I remember my mom used to have an olive in her beer. As a kid I was fascinated by it floating to the top and then sinking again, now I wonder who the olive brine would make a beer taste. Is it like a “dirty” martini?

I want to brew beers for everyone to enjoy but I also really just want to experiment. Trial and error.

Is it just me?

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One thought on “Is it just me…

  1. The maple syrup idea sounds really interesting to me Jon, but maybe as a back flavor to a stout or a nut brown? The balance would be key as it is super sweet and a distinct flavor. The potato idea is also an interesting one but keep in mind that potato vodka was created based on what was available not what was best. The starch question is an interesting one but to me the clarity of the spirit is the point of vodka, not the flavorings. You are also talking to a man who drinks cocktails based mainly in the Roaring 20’s.

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