Week of Jon Brewing Plans

As the door opens on the Week of Jon, it is important that the brewhouse kicks into full swing and we produce some tasty brews for the upcoming months. After reading a few articles online, I was intrigued to read about India porters and their role as the beer of the common british soldier in India. Obviously you have all heard of India pale ale but no one really talks much about the beer of the common folk. CCB is going to make a beer for the common folk. A traditional British porter with a India style kick. More details to come. Looking for brew day on Tuesday.

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One thought on “Week of Jon Brewing Plans

  1. Ooh, nice. Looking forward to this. From what I’ve read, it seems that the British military actually preferred this for their soldiers… it was better for them than rum to which they were accustomed. And those enlisted men consumed far more porter than they did pale ale. Cool idea.

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