The City that Trees Built

The trees grew tall and straight and the mighty Androscoggin River swirled and leaped. Jumping from ledge to ledge as it meadered south from its home at Umbagog. Turning East towards its ultimate fate in the Merrymeeting Bay. This river was the lifeblood of a region. Bringing vitality to the region. The buzz of saw mills, the whirl of textiles. At the center of this behemoth of water and bridled fury, lies the quiet village of Berlin, NH. Berlin, incorporated in 1829, become a powerhouse of industry in Northern New Hampshire. At its peak, it was the 4th largest city in NH and the largest in the upper 2/3’s of the state. The CIty that Trees Built, Berlin, is my inspiration for my colonial inspired Berliner Weiss. Not as sour as its European brethren’s, it has a subtlety of tartness with the body of a mild wheat beer. A perfect balance of old world and new. Built by a generation of hard work and desire. The City that Trees Built Berliner Weiss is here. CtTB BWeiss. Welcome and Enjoy…



The Androscoggin River running through Berlin



Jonathan Jay
Champion City Brewing

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