Staying in the Granite State

Sorry for being slow to update. For those wondering, I didn’t get the assistant brewmaster position in Newark. The interviews went really well and from the feedback I received they had me ranked as their second choice. I sort of knew that it would be a little of a stretch as I do not have a lot of the management experience that I would have needed. Technically, I am awesome and they would be happy to have me but this position would have lots of people reporting to me so having a few more months or experience would be beneficial.

In all of this, I was offered a job in our Innovation group in Saint Louis. It was a lateral position but Innovation and New Product development has always interested me. I was excited about being offered the position but after through consideration, I turned it down. I have a great opportunity in Merrimack and my “almost” success in the Newark interview just reinforces that I have a better career path on the track that I am on. It is always fun to know you are valued and wanted and the process of interview just reiterated that.

So I am staying in New Hampshire a little while longer. Spring is in the air, Champion City Brewing is started to heat up. Look for new beer news in the coming weeks.

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