Spring Training in the Champion City

Spring Training has begun in Florida and as the weather warms in Southern NH, the Champion City Brewery is starting to get ready as well. The Red Sox are stacked with one of their best lineups ever and I figure that the brewery needs to create a spring lineup that can compete. The lineup ranges from an American Pilsner, a maple oatmeal stout, a mild, the vanilla coffee gluten free Porter, a Brown Ale, and batting cleanup, the return of Grand Slam IPA. It should run the beer color spectrum. Still working on names but I am leaning towards the following.

American Lager: Right Field Roof Box Lager

Brown Ale: The Bleacher Creature Brown Ale

Imperial IPA: Grand Slam IPA

Gluten Free Beer: Java Bean Porter (GF)

Maple Outmeal Stout: ¬†Pudge’s Maple Oatmeal Stout


I also plan on creating my first line of sodas including root beer infused with korean ginseng and palm sugar and maybe a few fruit inspired creations.

Like every Red Sox spring, its full of promise for what the summer and fall may bring. Lets hope 2011 is a banner year for the Red Sox and Champion City Brewing.

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