MBAA Winter Meeting

Wow, that was a blast. The MBAA District New England winter meeting was again held at Anheuser Busch (my work). Once again, I was the plant contact and coordinator for everything. I have to admit when I used to give many of the old admin assistants crap at work about what did they do everyday. I can now say that coordinating and executing a meeting like this is alot of work. The MBAA Technical committee (which I am a member of) decided for this meeting to pull out all the stops and open up the coffers to get speakers for the meeting. And I am still not sure how we pulled it off but we got one of the best, Ken Grossman, founder/owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing. He is a really interesting guy. His attention to all details of his many business ventures reminds me of the patriarch of my work, August Busch. Ken seems to be a perfectionist and uses his experience to drive the rest of the industry to do as he does. He speech was the best of any that we have ever had in District New England. Having Ken Grossman at your meeting also meant that I was now coordinating the most attended and anticipated meeting in District history. Stress was at an all time high the weeks before the event. My volunteers at the brewery were really amazing. I can’t thank them enough. Anyway, I got a few bottles autographed (pics to come). First, a 2002 Bottle of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine signed by Ken Grossman and a bottle of Sam Adams Infinium signed by David Grinnell, head brewer for the project. What a great day it turned out to be.

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