Change is a good thing. Sometimes it is even enough to buy a coffee or soda from the work vending machines. No seriously. I am talking about the other kind of change. Recently, for those who didn’t know, I hung up my IT hat and moved into our Packaging Maintenance / Process Support department. With that job assignment, I had the pleasure of working 7+ months on midnights. Packaging + Midnights = Change. It was definitely as I like to put it to my work peers, enriching. It wasn’t bad as many had said it would be. It was different. Midnights was clearly the biggest and most difficult of transitions. Humans are not designed to work that way. Luckily, I found a routine that worked and the combination of a loving and understanding wife, it worked. I think the biggest growth opportunity I took was working in packaging in general. Its a completely different game from what I knew in IT or even my little exposure in Brewing. It is so fast paced and decisions need to be made immediately. Minutes matter. I really took that opportunity on and I think I am a better person and better brewer because of it. Like they say experience is the best teacher. I would love to write more but I don’t know where to start or how to end. Lets just say it was an experience that I will never forget.

Anyway, I guess I did really well in my time there because I have been asked to move on to bigger things. Specifically, I am back in Brewing. I love Brewing. Thoughtful decision making with time for data collection and analysis. My new role will be evolving in the next few months into something that should help me long term as I advance in the company. Its hard work but the kind of challenges I enjoy. I am learning at a fierce pace, trying to take on challenges and also learn many of the basics that I never had the opportunity to do (lautering profiles, mill changes, planning, raw meterials, etc). I am loving it. It doesn’t hurt that I really enjoy the people I work with and work for. It makes it exciting to come into work everyday knowing that I am slowing taking the next steps. 9 years of IT and Process Control, 1 year of packaging/maintenance, and then who knows. Sky is the limit in my mind.

Exciting times in the Champion City.

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