So I have been on midnight shift for a couple months now and I have to admit that its not going too bad. It is a little hard adjusting to sleeping when the rest of the world is awake and working when you should be sleeping. I have struggled with getting sleep especially with my weekend transitions making for a rough restart to the week. I could just work the weekend but I really enjoy my time with Sarah and Tom and all the other things that I like to do (Red Sox, golf, etc).

I think the lack of time with them is probably my biggest issue with this whole experience. I can see how this can cause resentment, frustration, and strain on a marriage. Sarah has been wonderful but I always wonder if there is something I can do better. I have made a point to try to do more around the house and try to be more available when I am around. The lack of sleep makes it hard. My temper is shorter and my energy levels are lower. I have been cleaning the deck here and I am on week number 2 and I am only 75% done. I guess I need to just keep plugging along and try to get more sleep.

I hope above all that this challenge that I have taken will be worth it. That advancement in my career will not cost me happiness. I know I will never live it down if I miss Tom growing up. No job or career is worth that.

Anyway, figured I would write a few words while I am still awake and can have a mildly coherent thought.

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