The Devil and Daniel Webster Hwy

So as I might have mentioned previously, I am organizing a homebrewing competition for work with the assistance of the Brewmaster, Tom. The original intent was to get some employee involvement in something outside of the day to day grind of things. I knew that there was an avid contingent of homebrewers and that many others had expressed interest but still needed a nudge to do it. Well, the competition is going swimmingly. Not sure what the total participation will be but I have heard from numerous people that they are excited and are happy that we did this. Even though I am running the event, I felt it important to enter a beer or two. I decided on a Belgian Wheat with coriander, lemon peel, Sorachi Ace and Citra Hops and a recreation of one of the most talked about and missed beers that we ever brewed at work, Demon’s Hop Yard. My version is a little stronger, and a little hoppier (9%ABV and 90IBU). Its bubbling away as I write this. Its pretty exciting for me to brew this beer and have the confidence to try to modify it too the IIPA level.

Hopefully, I will get to brew the Belgian Wheat in the next few days before my schedule turns topsy turvy going to midnight shift. Entries for the contest are due between May 1st and May 21st with a celebration cookout and awards presentation on Saturday, June 5th.

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