1st Annual

So I was able to talk some people at work into creating a homebrewing competition for people in the brewery. The goal is to have some fun and get people interested and excited about home brewing. Even though I am helping run it and also have made myself available to help others, I am going to brew a couple beers as well. We limited the competition to 4 style categories (Light Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, and Wheat Beers) so I think I will focus on a Wit and an IPA.

So my thoughts on beers to brew:

Devils Hop Yard – an IPA inspired by a specialty regional beer that I had a few years ago 🙂
Sorachi Wit – A Belgian Wit using Sorachi Ace Hops and orange peels.

I am excited. I think we will have a great turnout for the competition and if nothing else, everyone will learn a little bit at brewing.

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