Gluten Free Vanilla Java Porter

So my quest to make a dark luscious gluten free beer to prove to myself and others that GF beers do not have to be limited to pale ales and light lagers that has a slight sweet and sour finish. Porter being my favorite style makes it the perfect choice. I think the addition of some specifically sourced coffee and vanilla beans will help add some complexity and excitement to the process. I wanted to get both from the isle of Java but haven’t had too much luck with finding the vanilla beans. A “Double” Java Vanilla Porter. So I still need to work that out but I have a good feeling about this attempt.

The reason for the excitement is that this time I have method to get that nice dark rich color that a porter needs. The last time I tried to malt my own buckwheat. It didn’t work very well and caused more issues than it solved. I also used treacle with the sorghum syrup. I think the combo last time created the highly metallic taste. Sorghum is a little metallic anyway but I think the treacle just pushed it to the bloody tooth level. This time I have an advantage. Something that probably no other homebrewer would ever be able to source. I was able to get a hold of a 300 equiv Lovibond Sorghum syrup. My thought is that with this, regular sorghum syrup, some rice syrup and a little belgian dark candy sugar. I can get the right combination of color, body and flavor.

It will be a big challenge but I promise that I will make a great tasting gluten free beer. This beer could be the key to Champion City Brewing taking that next step.

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2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Vanilla Java Porter

  1. Where did you get the 300 Sorghum? I have successfully made a dark beer gluten free. Molasses, extra dark roasted buckwheat, dark roasted millet, and sorghum syrup. was only OK but the color was great. Good luck with this. i hope to see it on the market some day

  2. Is this still something that you’re working on? I’ve recently been forced to cut gluten out of my diet and my absolute favorite treat was always a deep Porter. I have yet to find a GF-Porter of any variety.

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