Bubbling away…

Just waiting for my Ciders to hit the target FG. As a recap, the concept for this cider project was to brew 2 nearly identical batches of Cider but change the fermentation conditions and yeast strain. The Cider in my kitchen (@ 67F) is a mix of fresh apple cider with honey and muscovado sugar. I used Safale-05 which should be a fairly neutral ale yeast. The cider downstairs in the homebrewing “Man Cave” only differs in that it has traditional brown sugar not muscovado sugar and has Wyeast 2142 Bohemian Lager. This yeast will ferment better at basement temperatures of 50-54F. I will give this cider a diacetyl rest as it gets closer to finishing.

Both fermentations are targeted to be stopped at 1.008. This will allow me to crash cool, force carbonate, and bottle age for 2-3 months without the cider too astringent or dry. I want a nice sweet fruity apple aroma with a nice warming alcohol note. It will be interesting to see what differences the various yeast strains impart on the finished product.

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