Black Friday Brewpub Crawl

I never did get a chance to post about my post Thanksgiving pub crawl with my BIL, Rob. I guess some folks like to wake up or camp out for door busting deals (on stuff that they don’t need). I like to visit breweries and brewpubs and drink beer. I guess to each their own. This year we decided to make a run for the Western side of the mitten. Yep, Michigan geography can be properly defined by locations on a palm side up right hand.

Anyway, we made a dash for the Western coast of Michigan early morning with the intention of heading to New Holland, Founders (new location), Hopcat (beer bar), and then head a little south to Dark Horse in Marshall and then a final stop in Ann Arbor to visit the new Jolly Pumpkin Pub and Arbor Brewing.

I was super impressed with New Holland. I have not normally been excited about their beers as they seen pretty standard and pedestrian. The brewpub has a huge selection. They do their own distilled spirits (which they create infused spirits with) and a very odd cider.

We skipped Founders (due to time) and moved on to HopCat for a late lunch and some tasty beers. I had a cheese ale soup and corn dogs for my meal. They paired well with some of Hop Cats in-house brewed beers. Quick 60 minute drive to Marshall for a single beer at Dark Horse. The reason for this trip was for me to have a beer with my mug. Yep for those that don’t remember I joined a mug club at the brewpub that is 800+ miles from my house. I like the vibe at DH and wish I could find something like this around here. Brewpubs like this are not a New Hampshire thing for whatever reason.

At this point, Rob and I moved on to Ann Arbor. It was starting to get late and I wasnt sure how much more we would be able to do (brewpub touring is tiring work) but I wanted to make it to Jolly Pumpkin’s new place. A few years ago Rob and I visited Captain Ron at his somewhat small brewery in Dexter. Well 2 years and massive expansions has Jolly Pumpkin taking over the world. New brewpubs, new joint venture/restaurants and expansion to the Dexter brewery. Its very cool to see the evolution and I am happy for Ron’s success. He is a very cool dude. I would love to be able to work with him in the future. Anyway, dinner at JP and a quick pint at Arbor Brewing (Cask Porter) and we decided to call it a day. A long and tasty day. Michigan has such a great beer scene considering that it is so much of a macro beer base (Miller has a strong presence on the Western side of the state and AB seems to have the rest).

Anyway, I have added some pics that I took from the trip. No pics from JP or Arbor because it was getting too dark for good photos.

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