Hard Honey Cider

Quickly put together a hard cider today. I felt like I needed to get something fermenting and why not start with the simplicity of a cider. I spent more time cleaning my carboy then it took to put this together. Its currently fermenting in my kitchen (68F). I plan to reproduce this recipe later this week but using a Lager yeast and fermenting it in my basement (56F). It will be interesting to see how the flavor changes even if I stop fermentation at the same value (approx 1.008)

BTW – The simple recipe:

4 gallons of fresh apple cider from Lull Farms
16 ounces of Dark Muscavado Sugar
5 lbs Wildflower Honey from B-Farms in Hudson, NH
2 Packages of Safale US-05 (not rehydrated)
Some Wyeast Nutrient Blend (per instructions)

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