Mystery Beer

Ok, Its not really much of a mystery but I was sorting some of my cases of homebrew and happened across a long lost Champion City Brewing Cream Ale. Yep, I made a cream ale. It was the first attempt at a CCB Session Beer. This beer was never publicly released and was originally only produced for entry into the Sam Adams homebrew competition (I never entered it due to a technical flaw that has disappeared). Two years later and this beer is amazing. Crisp, Refreshing, and slight malty sweet with a pleasant bite from the hops. Not bitter but with a little bite. Seriously, if it wasn’t raining and I had a lawn to mow, this beer would definitely be to relax and cool down after. Sadly, the recipe is gone due to laptop failure. All I remember was using some honey malt and some biscuit malt in the grist. The color is a dark copper and not the traditional yellow/golden which makes this 10x more appealing. I would definitely put this on tap in my brew pub.

It’s definitely something I need to try to replicate. Hopefully this time it doesn’t take 2+ years to finish. Only 7 bottles remain.

CCB Cream Ale - Rare

CCB Cream Ale - Rare

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