Hop Burst

A pretty quiet and uneventful brew day in the Jamaica Lane Brewery. No brewery visitors (nosey neighbors). I put together a hop bomb that should just be juicy with hop flavor and have enough bitterness to keep your attention. Hop bursting is the technique I wanted to employ. I think I mentioned it previously but I will recap what hop bursting is for those how don’t remember. Hop Bursting is a fancy name for late hop additions. The thought process is that if you add a ridiculous amount of hops very late in the kettle boil you will be able to achieve the required bitterness but carry alot of the flavor and aroma character into the finished beer. For example, normally with this type of beer I might use 4 oz of hops to get the 90 IBU. In this recipe, I added 11.2 oz in the final 10 minutes.

The aroma of hops was almost over powering as I sat and read the most recent issue of Beer Advocate.



13.4 lbs of Muntons LME
2 lbs 2-Row Malt
2 lbs Biscuit Malt

Hop Additions:
Hop Shot (Hop Extract) @ 60 minutes
2oz Amarillo @ 10 minutes
2oz Chinook @ 10 minutes
1oz Simcoe @ 10 minutes
5.2oz Cascade @ 10 minutes

White Labs WLP051 California Ale V Yeast
White Labs WLP060 American Ale Yeast Blend


So anyway, I pitched the yeast later today after things cooled down. Only brew day issue was with the amount of hops plugging my heat exchanger. I had to make a few modifications and things were a little on the warm side when I was finished. Hopefully, it will start bubbling away in the next 6-12 hours. More to come….

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