The Week of Jon rolls on

Ok, its actually my birthday today. I woke up around 8am (as Tom slept in or I slept though it). Planned out a trip to the Homebrew store for yeast for my IIPA and a few other essentials. I grabbed my usually iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts and decided that fried clams were in order. This was the type of craving that required some real effort. I didnt want some boring tasteless clam roll from the local chain restaurant. I wanted tasty fried bi-valves from a true and classic clam shack so I just started driving to the North shore. I figured I would be able to find something in the Gloucester, Essex, Ipswich area. I was right. I hit route 133 and the options seemed limitless so I hit the classic spot, Woodman’s in Essex. I was not disappointed. Ordered a quart of fried clams and a pint of onion rings.

Fried Clams from Woodmans in Essex

Fried Clams

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

I took my fried treasures to the shore and enjoyed them alone watching the tide come in. This was a nice and relaxing way to spend the day on my birthday.

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