Let the Week of Jon Begin…

Well, I figured I needed to get back to updating things over here. I do a pretty good job with facebook and Silly has Twitter covered but my loyal followers who do not have access, or desire to become a member of those social communities are being left out. For that I am sorry. Things have been busy in the world of Champion City Brewing. Work has been hectic, life has been busy. I celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday. I can’t put into words how awesome Sarah is to and for me. I feel like a different person when I am around here. A better person. Also, Tom has his first tooth. The pain of teething is finally producing. He is getting so big and he makes me so happy every morning when he smiles when he sees me. His little laughs and giggles make me so proud and happy. Its great to be a dad and a husband. But sometimes, you need some time to be yourself. Just be Jon.
Which brings me to the Week of Jon. A celebration of the Week of Jon began last year when I decided to take a week of vacation around my birthday and do what I wanted to do. To me, my birthday has always seemed to be second tier. Not that I don’t have awesome friends and family who always make me feel special. Its more of the fact that with an August birthday, I never got the school celebrations with the other kids. No cake or brownies, no large groups singing to me. Even when I got older and started working at Anheuser Busch, they shared my birthday with another guy (who always wanted pie not cake). By the time, he retired we stopped celebrating birthdays altogether. So I created my week of Jon, a combination of the confusing celebrations for my wife (who has the luck of being a leap year baby and gets all sorts of parties) and the week of vacation that I want to take every August. Alah, The Week of Jon.

Whats on tap for the week of Jon, you might ask. No idea. The week of Jon is much like me free form. Open to discussion. Maybe head to CT for some golf and chores with my dad. Brew a beer or two. Drink a beer or two. Drive around New England in my poorly air conditioned (ok, lack of air conditioned) car. Who knows. Do you know?

So far the week of Jon (which started early this year) involved the 8th annual Slugger Open in ME with the Jay Family. It was a great day minus the 90% humidity. Fun was had by all. We shot a 65 (tied for second place net) and I holed out from 134yds on the 9th hole to make eagle. It was a great day. The weekend continues with Yankees-Red Sox games on Saturday and Sunday

Who knows what will happen next… let me know if you want in on the week of Jon.

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