Its in the hole…

Ok, eagles aren’t an impossible golf feat for me. I have eagled par 5’s for as long as I can remember. I have eagled par 4’s before on short holes by driving the green. Heck, I even eagled a par 3 and won a Harley Davidson (aka money). Yesterday, I did something that I never did before, hole out from the fairway. I holed out from 134 yards. It was kindof surreal. The hole in one was amazing and is still my greatest golf moment but this was pretty awesome as well. The shot was from the rough with a slight uphill/sidehill lie. Team Jay had missed the green with our first 3 shots so I felt a little pressure to just get one on. Lined it up, addressed the ball, took a nice swing. Damn its right of the pin but it was going to be on the green, good… then it hit the green and did something that I have only seen professionals and gamers playing Tiger Woods on the PS3 do. It spun straight left and went right into the hole. 2 other groups saw it happen as well. Unbelievable. Not a hole in one but close. It made the rest of the day all the better. Now I just need to get my first double eagle or maybe another hole in one (I need a new car).

A picture of me retrieving the ball:
Eagle @ Sable Oaks from 134 yds

BTW, I want to thank my brother for 2 things. First, for the awesome birthday present of a Sky Caddie SG5 (gps golf thingy) that helped be know it was 134 yards and more importantly, getting me back and excited about the game. Golf is such a great sport. I am so happy to have learned it and look forward to teaching it to Tom in a couple years.

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