Dunkel Weisse

So after through internet polling, I decided to brew a german dunkel weisse. I still have plans to do a Black Saison but I just need to find some time to do it. The name for the Dunkel weisse is still up in the air but Assistant Brewer, Steve Jay, from the old Chelmsford Brewery days seemed to like Slam Dunkle Weisse. It has a good feel to it but I am not 100% sure since basketball season is so far away and this beer is almost ready.

At this point, all it needs is another week or two of conditioning in the secondary fermentor and some carbonation and its ready to rock. Its pretty darn tasty right now. Maybe not as malty as I would have liked but the banana and clove aroma is awesome. Taste is crisp clean with a slight lemony yeast character. I love it. Its probably one of the few sessionable beers I have brewed that I have been happy with it. Alcohol content should be around a 4.9% ABV.

Dunkle Weisse

This beer is expected to be tapped at the Family Reunion in August.

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One thought on “Dunkel Weisse

  1. Hmmm… ok here’s a few more:

    “(I’ll be a) Monkey’s Dunkel”
    “Dunkel Wiggily”
    “The Man from D.U.N.K.E.L”


    “Jon’s Enticin’ Dunkelweizen”

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