Heading home to CT

I haven’t updated in a while. Mostly because I always second guess whether it will need to be censored for some reason. Anyway, I figure if I make it about me and my goings on, I should be ok. On that note.

I am heading to CT for a couple days to help my parents with some much needed spring cleaning. Cleaning the garage, basement, and doing a few projects around the house. Mostly, I just want to spend time with them. Not that I don’t hate being away from Sarah and Thomas, I feel like its an opportunity to spend time with my parents. I don’t do that nearly enough (although I did see them on Friday and Saturday for 4th of July activities). I need to be better about calling to say hi and see how things are going. Having a son of my own, has really helped me value how awesome they are and have been to me and my brother. I am not sure how they put up with us crazy kids.

Cleaning around the house is also my chance to give a little back for all of the years of helping me move, paying for my college, and keeping me out of trouble. Hopefully, it will be good weather and we can also spend some time on the golf course. Its been a while since I have spent more than 8 hours in Meriden, CT and I am looking forward to it.

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