Pomegranate Mead

I had been thinking about creating a super fruit series of meads. The thought was to use the same neutral honey and then add a portion of fresh juice or extracts from various super fruits. I just finished my first in the series, a Pomegranate Mead.

The recipe:

10 lbs Dutch Gold Tupelo Honey

4 cups Pomegranate juice

2.5 gallons of treated water (basically Poland Spring with ph adjustment)

Heat to 140F for 25 minutes. Cooled to 75F. Pitch Saf-33 dry yeast.

Not sure if the yeast is the right one for this but it was one of 2 that I had readily available.The mead has a nice pink color from the pomegranate juice. The must/wort tastes pretty good.

Other batches to be made:

Goji Berry (aka wolfberry)




Mangosteen (no idea where to get this)

Sea-buckthorn (no idea where to get this)

Anyway, I just wanted to put finger to keyboard and put some of thoughts down. I will update as the batch progresses.

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