Its been a while

With a gentle nudge from my brother, I wanted to put up a quick post. I am still alive.

Lots of changes since my last post. I am a Dad. I have a beautiful baby boy (who likes crying). Champion City Brewing has also moved to a new location in Nashua. The Cider is finally ready and I need to package it up. I have planned for a few new beers to commemorate the recent events. A Saison and a Mead. The mead recipe is basically done. I have even procured 15#s of honey (Tupelo and Orange Blossom). The saison recipe is coming along but needs some refining. The new brewery location should allow me to brew more often (if my busy life allows). I have more space and better overall facilities (garden hoses for chilled water and a back yard to get the propane burner out).

Anyway, I will try to make a better effort to update this more often. Welcome back.

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One thought on “Its been a while

  1. Hooray! Welcome back! As one of your faithful follower’s (and, ahem, gentle nudgers), I must say I’m very excited about all the recent changes at Champion City Brewing. Keep the updates coming.

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