Go Cards!!!

The only thing I hate more than the Cowboys, Jets, and Giants is the pundits blabbering about “Defense winning championships”. You know what “Great teams win championships”. Of course, most great teams are built around having an excellent defense but that hasn’t always been the case. Since 1970, 42 top-five defenses have played in the Super Bowl. Over that time period, 45 top-five offenses have also played in the big game. Seems to me that the best defense or offense wins championships.

I would like to see the best team win and the next 60 minutes will be the true test. Go Cards!!!

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One thought on “Go Cards!!!

  1. Hey! The Cards lost this particular football game over three months ago (they did give it a decent fight, at least). :-p

    Let’s get a post or two on here about your new beers. For example, how’s the cider doing? How about the new Belgian and the new 21yr Mead you’re working on?

    Just a thought.

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