Short Circuited

For those who haven’t heard, Circuit City is closing its doors in the coming months. Some would say that the decrease in consumer spending was the cause but I think that is just a likely excuse. Personally, CC never excited me as a consumer. They spent too much effort on the “show room” and less on the merchandise. I always felt like the people that worked there were right off the street. Having employees that are knowledgeable about the products and the technology goes a long way. Also, you can’t try to sell me on your “special gold plated” cables with the 3000% markup. Give me a fair price for quality merchandise and be available to answer a question or two (if I need you). Also, the store layouts are annoying with every store slightly different but none very well laid out. I has that women’s clothing store effect were you cant get from front to back without traveling through weird angled aisles of useless crap. The only real sad thing is that now, Best Buy, is the only real option for consumer electronics stores around.

A warning to all of those who think they are getting a deal in the inventory liquidation. You are not getting a deal on anything. Shop around and be a smart consumer. Just because it says 40% off doesnt mean it isn’t marked up already. A few folks that I know actually found a 42″ Plasma that they wanted to buy from CC last December (for $799) is now listed as “Marked Down from $1299 to $899”. Feel free to find a deal if you want but just be weary. I am pretty sure CompUSA did this same thing when they closed the doors for good last year.

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