Merry Christmas

The shopping season is over and now the part of Christmas I really love is upon us. Yep, the 3 days after christmas is probably my favorite time of year. Everyone is happy, the holiday stress has passed and people can just enjoy the time with family and friends.

For those that aren’t in the know, Sarah and I are in Michigan for the holidays this year. We made our pilgrimage here through Canada. Although the quickness of flight would have been nice, I am overall happy with the decision. First, cost. Yep. With $1.58 per gallon gasoline, we spent approx $60 to get here. Total drive time (with border, bathroom, and food stops): 12.5 hours. With Sarah as musical navigator, the drive was fun and went fairly fast. We stopped in the middle in Batavia, NY. Second, Canada is cool and weird. The portion of Canada we drove through is pretty boring but you do get a sense of things. Hamilton, ON offers the Niagara Escaprment, views of the lake, and drive-by glimpse of the large canadian steel industry. The trip also passes Brantford, ON birthplace of Wayne Gretsky. The rest areas include all sorts of canadian snacks that you cant get in the US including my new favorite, Ruffles All Dressed Potato Chips (think of pickle, ketchup, bbq, and salt and vinegar chips all rolled into one.  They are like a flavor explosion and sadly, they can not be acquired in the US.

So anyway, its a fun trip and we got here safely. Christmas was great. My parents got Sarah and I a really cool HD Video Camera that I had been wanting. With baby Jay on the way, it will allow us to film the goings-on with the baby for all of the various family members. Its really cool. Look for me to be posting some short 5-10 second samples when I get a chance. We got all sorts of other neat gifts. Overall, it was tough to be away from my family but as always, Sarahs family made me feel at home.

Anyway, I need to write more. I havent been motivated in the past few weeks with everything that has been going on but being on vacation has re-invigorated my desire. Posts to come: Holiday Pops (and Dinner), Michigan – the Failing Auto industry (* now with video), Michigan – Wow they really like beer and so do I, and many others.


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  1. Merry Christmas, Jon! You were missed in CT this year, but I’m glad they’re all making you feel at home out there in MI. Hope you and Sarah have a safe and peaceful time. See you when you get back.

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