A large band of Misfits is reported to be invading various homes throughout the USA. This group is comprised of an awkward assortment of villians. They have been known to talk unsuspecting victims into letting them into their homes with emotion stories from their youth. Some of the group are deformed and lack many of the social niceties that would make them normal productive individuals. The group originally was formed on a small island just outside of the southern tip of “North Pole”.

Please be on the look for:

The crew lacks lots of structure but 3 individuals run the day to day operation of the Misfits. Spotted Elephant is a bio-weapons expert, Charlie-In-the-Box is an explosives and demolition expert. Misfit Dolly shows extreme emotional instabilty. This emotional disconnection allows Dolly to manipulate all members of the group as well as other individuals. Many believe she is the number 2 in command behind the super villain, King Moonracer. Moonracer named himself King of the Misfits and has been recruiting new members to his merry band of Misfits for the past 40+ years. He has never displayed violence in public but many belief he is responsible for the death of Scooter, his driver, who has been missing since Christmas of 1964.

Please be alert and careful when around any and all of these toys. Report suspicious activity to your local authorities.

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