Not to Schaubby

Finally with a day off to celebrate our Veterans, I had an opportunity to get back in the brewhouse at CCB (ok, its my kitchen). I had been planning for about 2 months to brew an American Brown Ale using some hops that were given to me by someone at work. He gave me approx 2.6 ounces of NH grown Washington Willamette. I believe the hops rhizomes were originally given to him after a trip to Bonners Ferry, ID (Elk Mountain).

I tried to do a few things during this brew session that I normally don’t do. I recorded temperatures every 5 minutes in order to create a temperature profile curve. Muntons Amber DME, Laaglander DME, and a combo of crystal and caramel malts and a base malt. I was also able to use the false bottom on my brewkettle. This helped alot with draw-off. Using whole hops without filtering them out would have been a nightmare on my heat exchanger. For yeast, I actually pitched 2 different strains. Wyeast 1272 and Safale-05. Basically, its should have a dry, smooth character with a fruitier, tart finish.

If everything turns out as I planned, it could quite possible be the best American Brown Ale every created. If it doesn’t turn out to be the best, I figure it will at least be drinkable.

I will post some photos from brew day and give everyone an update as fermentation starts to get going.

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