3rd Annual New England Regional Homebrew Competition

I decided to enter 2 of my beers in the New England Regional Homebrew Competition. The competition is hosted by Brew Free or Die & Southern Maine Home Brewers. I do not pretend to think I will win but I wanted to get a professional beer judges opinion of “Braggot Rights” and “Not a Gluten-for-Punishment”. Personally, the braggot is really good. It is a little on the sweet side but I think color is awesome and the flavor is excellent.

The Gluten free beer is a different story. Its not what I would like. Its not horrible. The metallic taste isn’t as pronounced but still present. I want to try it again. I think finding a better sorghum supplier, using rice syrup, adding more nitrogen (FAN), and figuring out how to get a hold of a dark (3000+Lovibond) sorghum syrup that I have seen. The gluten free porter will happen but it is going to take a few more tries. My hope is that I will get some good feedback from the competition that will help give me a few ideas on where to take it next.

I figured entering those 2 beers would be the best way to see how good (or bad) they really are. I look forward to the comments that I receive. I will make sure I post them here when I get them.

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