This one goes to 11…

People always say that baseball is a marathon and not a sprint. Yeah, well at 5 hours 27 minutes it isn’t a very good marathon either. In fact, only 500 (0f 22,000 entrants) finished the 2008 Boston Marathon in more time than last nights game.

If major league baseball was ever wondering why more fans are turning to football and tuning out baseball it is because of games like this. Its hard to stay excited for 3+ hours as the clock strikes midnight. Most of the East coast had turned to pumpkins long before the Rays pulled out a stunning upset in the bottom of the 11th. The casual fan was gone, asleep for hours before that game win run even reached base. The TBS crew seems almost oblivious to the time as the drone on about stupid facts and useless stats. The people awake at 1:00am do not need to be told that Jonathan Papelbon likes to throw fastballs. They don’t need to know that Tampa has had 11 walkoff wins this season (now 12). Fans don’t need to know than Timlin is toast and hasn’t been a useful option in the bullpen since 2005 (maybe Tito should get this memo.). I know you can’t control how long a game goes. No timers to speed it along. No final buzzer after the first 3 hours. Baseball is both exciting and aggravating at the same time. I say start the games at 6-7pm. Its not like TBS is going to lose alot of money on advertising lucrative Frank TV, Viagara, Obama and McCain, and Chevy trucks ads. In fact, you might make some money on ad revenue if you could actually get people outside of the 2 affected TV markets to watch.

Anyway, frustration is abound. A game that should or could have been won was lost. Beckett looked bad. Ortiz can’t seem to realize they are pitching him away. Ellsbury can’t seem to hit 89mph fast balls down the heart of the plate (0-11 with 3K in the ALCS).

Well, game 3 and Jon Lester on Monday will hopefully help lighten the mood. Go Red Sox!!!

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