The luck of the draw….

Maybe not like Johnny Chan flopping the nut straight against Eric Seidel in the 1988 WSOP but it was pretty close.

I played in the AB golf tournament today and I actually won it. Well, I say I but it was really the guys who we were randomly paired up with. My partner and I shot +4 (which sounds bad but the course and green were extremely difficult). We did have 4 birdies to put in perspective how up and down our game was. The guys we paired up with shot -3. Its the risk and reward of a blind draw 2 man scramble. The kicker was we also did really well in the tournament within the tournament. The ex Plant manager, Denny, was organizing a little side action with a few groups. 2 things I learned. Retired people with country club memberships have lots of free time and get to play alot more than me. It isn’t super advisable to enter into a side bet without keeping things like this in mind. I figured after Dave and I shot +4 that I had just tossed my $20 side bet away. Turns out we got paired up with Denny and his partner in the side action and won that too. Plus 3 skins.

I basically won 2 tournaments on pure random luck (even the invitation). I did hit some really nice shots though including a personal bridie on the 18th to finish the round

On that note, I have to say that this is my favorite time of year for golf. The weather is slightly cool. The leaves are starting to turn and things look very pretty. I also think I play better at the end of year as the pressure comes off and the realization that I will be putting the clubs away in the next 4 or so weeks. Golf next Saturday in my Mom’s tournament and then the Upton Men’s Club Tourney on Friday Oct 3rd. Hopefully, I will have a repeat on the hole-in-one I hit last year since the gas prices might make it more economical to keep it this time.

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One thought on “The luck of the draw….

  1. Congrats! I completely agree about golfing this time of year. Makes me
    *so* wish that my leg wasn’t still banged up. Hopefully, I’ll get at least
    one more round of golf in before I have to put the clubs away for the
    season too!

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