Cat and Mouse game

Yesterday as I am heading out to my car, I am witness to the proverbial cat and mouse game in the parking lot. To my surprise, the cat in question is “Friendly” and is playing with/attacking a small mouse. I have always said that Friendly (dubbed “Friendly” by Sarah due to its laid back demeanor not its slow service and average ice cream). I am not as big of a fan of our “Friendly” friend as he tends to taunt Tia and Silly and is the single largest cause of inter-cat fighting in the house. I run back into the house and grab my camera to demonstrate to Sarah that this is not a nice cat and should be renamed to “Killer” or “Meany”. I click maybe 4 photos before I decide to ruin “Killers” fun

Needless to say the mouse seemed less than excited by the exchange with Killer so I broke up the party. The cat seemed to be extremely agitated as the emotional scarred mouse ran away into the shrubs. It was a definite win for me in my ongoing battles with “Friendly”.

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