Free Hops

I have a new homebrewing challenge (besides figuring out a way to mask a metallic taste in my gluten free). One of the guys at work gave me 3oz of dried Willamette hops that he picked from his hop vines. I promised him a brew so I have started putting together a recipe. Since I don’t know the alpha acid (AAU), I am going to estimate them at the low end of the range (4ish%). I figure alpha will be low since it is his second season on the vine. Willamette is the spicy american version of the UK Fuggle hop. I think a English / American Brown ale would be a good choice.

My current recipe (partial extract):

6.6# Weyermann Amber LME
1# Muntons Amber DME
1# Weyermann CaraHell (yeah, german malts in english beers)
0.5# Chocolate Malt
1 oz. Willamette Hop (@60min)
1 oz. Willamette Hop (@30min)
1 oz. Willamette Hop (@10min)

Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast

I am going to try to brew this this week since I am on vacation. I will update everyone later in the week.

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