I am Iron Man

Well, nearly 5 days into fermentation, the Gluten free beer is progressing as I had hoped except for 2 things. The color is brownish (maybe even dark amber) not the dark brown almost black color I had hoped. I guess the dark Belgian Candy sugar and Treacle didn’t give the color I needed. I am wondering if secondary fermentation with coffee will maybe push the color back the direction I intended.

The second and more important problem is I think just an issue with Sorghum syrups. I know its early and the yeast hasn’t dropped but there is a pervasive taste of iron. Not like sucking on a rusty nail but its definitely there. From taste panel at work, I know that I am also very sensitive to it. I know Red Bridge which we brew using Sorghum can have a strong iron taste. Production at work has minimized this but its still there. I think the syrup I used might not take the same care as we do. I guess I will have to see how this progresses in the next several weeks. I am hoping that it drops as the yeast starts to drop. Either way its not bad for a flat warm yeasty sample pulled after 5 days

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One thought on “I am Iron Man

  1. Sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing and sampling this too. Maybe when it’s a little less “yeasty”. 🙂

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