Braggot Rights (Cont’d)

I sampled the braggot that I had brewed and kegged many moons ago this morning and it is absolutely amazing. Aroma of dark ripe fruits like many of the Belgian Dubbel or Tripel. Flavor of sharp crisp tart apples or pears cooked in a thin honey syrup. Sweet, refreshing, and after only a few sips, POWERFUL. The winey character that this beer developed are really interesting. Its definitely ready for bottling and tasting it is the kick in the ass I needed to get brewing again. I think I will bottle this the day after the Celtics season is over. It will be the completion of the 2007-2008 sports season in the Champion City. A mixed bag of success and heartache.

Hopefully, bottling day isn’t for another several weeks but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be Monday. Either way I am happy. I will be even happier when Manny hits his 500th HR.

(PS He is on my fantasy team)

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One thought on “Braggot Rights (Cont’d)

  1. Hey… your braggot rocks. I sampled it several months ago I guess, and I can still remember the taste. It was awesome. Nice subtle honey sweetness, but not cloying. Can’t wait to have some more.

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